HYEMI KOO                                                                                          LILLY KOO


Homo Deus: The future of humanity

What will humanity look like in the future? This would be an imagination that everyone would try at least once. Some may dream of a future in which time and space move freely, and others may imagine flying in the sky. Among them, I would like to express three assumptions that are judged to be highly likely to occur in my work. The first is mankind, who enjoys eternal life by combining with non- organism machines to overcome the limitations of the human body as an organism. The second is humanity leaving Earth and migrating to other planets or satellites in search of new possibilities. The last third is mankind who lives and communicates with each other in a virtual metaverse, not a material and physical space. I would like to describe these three futures of humanity in 3D motion graphic images. Each video will be expressed by mixing reality and virtuality in various ways. For example, photographing actual sets and machines and 3D scanning of humans, costumes, and 3D scanning of real humans and costumes will be combined all together. Apart from the video that will be submitted digitally, when I display my degree work in the exhibition, three videos will be played on each monitor and installation art depicting alien plants will be presented together. The image of humanity in the future that I will draw through my work may arouse expectations or fears depending on the viewers. Through this work, I want to provide an opportunity for viewers to imagine the future to come and have their own perspective.

Homo deus who combines with a machine and lives forever

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Homo deus who communicates with each other in metavers

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Homo deus who moves to another planet

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