HYEMI KOO                                                                                          LILLY KOO



Alice in wonderland has been steadily loved by many readers around the world since it was published. If the story was just a series of unusual and extraordinary events, it would not have been able to establish itself as a classic for this long time. The author Lewis Carroll’s real name is Charles Dodgson, and he was a mathematician. In the story, it contains mathematical concepts such as infinity, infinitesimal and Euclidean(Euclidian) geometry, the story also includes science
such as quantum mechanics. Also, there are many paronomasia and satire, social criticism of Victorian age. He melted fundamental but difficult concepts and social phenomena that was shunned but had to face into an interesting story with characters in the book. Lewis Carroll's work, Alice in Wonderland, will be reinterpreted as a fashion shoots and re-examined by revealing the hidden meaning.

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